Venice Florida Real Estate Foreclosures

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If you are considering a more affordable home in Venice or a fixer-upper that would make a great investment property, then you should consider Venice, Florida real estate foreclosures. Unlike your typical Venice, Florida new homes or resale homes, foreclosures often give you more home for your money although their sales process may be more intricate. Simply put, a foreclosure occurs when the bank or mortgage holder takes possession of the home at the time the homeowner is no longer able to meet the demands of their mortgage. It then becomes the banks goal to liquidate the property as quickly and effectively as possible. While the process of foreclosure is certainly unfortunate for the previous homeowner, it can often be a great opportunity for potential buyers. Once foreclosure proceedings begin, the homeowner no longer has any involvement with the sale of the property and all negotiations are done via the lender.

Real Estate Foreclosures in Venice Florida

Having assisted Venice buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions, including foreclosures, throughout his real estate career, local real estate professional Mark Cummings has a deep understanding for the intricacies and demands of purchasing foreclosures, short sales and REO properties. With more than sixteen years experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, Mark ensures that his clients are receiving the highest level of representation and customer service available. In addition, his superior focus on contract negotiation will provide you with the superior representation you need when negotiating Venice, Florida real estate foreclosures.

It would be Mark’s distinct pleasure to walk you through the proceedings and assist you in navigating through the ins and outs of purchasing a foreclosure. To learn more about Venice, Florida real estate foreclosures, please feel free to browse this website and do not hesitate to contact Mark with any questions you may have.